I need help understanding the individual steps in creating a complaint case [30]
13. februar 2020 11:02
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  • ​​​​​​​You will be asked to fill out an error description when creating a complaint case.
    ​​​​​​​Below we briefly describe what we mean by the different fields that you need to fill in:

​​​​​​​Error Description:

  • Briefly describe where, when and how the error can be found on your items.
  • If the error is intermittent, describe how often the error occurs.
  • If possible, feel free to link to a photo or video of the error. 

Serial number / IMEI number

  • If the item has a serial number, enter it here. If it's a phone you want to hand in, the number you need to enter here is an IMEI number

Password for the item.

  • If you are submitting an item that required any type of password, enter both username and password here. It is important for us to be able to access the product and troubleshoot.

Is the item complete?

  • We would like all parts of the item you submit included. But should any cables or other loose parts be missing, write it here.
  • Answer "YES" only if you ship the item with all its parts.
  • Please note that in some cases the loose parts will be required to troubleshoot, and if missing, this may result in us returning without rectifying the error.

Any comments?

  • If you have anything you think we should know about the item you are submitting, please feel free to post it here.